Cut for Cut

Cut by Cut to the perfect piece

GVFI endeavours to visit all suppliers at their production sites on a regular basis. GVFI uses these visits to get to know the production conditions better, discuss future and past orders, solve problems or jointly develop new ideas for programmes. During these meetings, GVFI buyers always endeavour to obtain the most suitable cuts for the Swiss market from the suppliers' high-quality carcasses that our customers desire. After all, only if cuts that are required and desired are delivered to Switzerland, does it help to make the food chain sustainable by preventing food waste. This precise definition is made between the suppliers and GVFI in terms of the cut specification. This contains all the exact details of the cut, fat thickness and weight, as well as the packaging. All GVFI employees who purchase meat have a flair for the trade as well as butcher training and can discuss the desired cut 1:1 in the suppliers' cutting halls, cut it themselves and define the cut in detail with the producers. In this way, GVFI can ensure that the desired cut is delivered to our customers in Switzerland. 


Willem van Doorn

COO Business  Unit GVFI Europe
+31 10 2944455 

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Quality Management

Quality is firmly anchored in our thinking and actions. To ensure that the products meet our requirements, we carry out a series of checks. During the incoming goods inspection, for example, we check compliance with the product specification and declaration as well as the packaging and presentation of the goods.