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Social responsibility for the people in the supply chain

As a procurer of imported meat from a wide variety of countries around the world, GVFI is committed to fulfilling its social responsibility in addition to meat quality and animal welfare. We therefore work with suppliers for whom these sustainability goals are also important. In order to demonstrate comparable standards in social aspects in a globalised world, suppliers in Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay carry out regular social audits to prove that they fulfil their social responsibility towards their employees at the production sites.

However, during our supplier visits, we learn much more about company-specific social projects that our long-standing partners run in addition to the standardised social audits. Such projects can affect individual employees, employees' families or the community surrounding the slaughterhouses. For example, one or two days a year, the employees of a plant help to maintain public places in their community during working hours. Several companies also provide older office equipment such as computers to local schools for educational purposes or pay for school supplies for the children of their employees. Many companies also run canteens where employees can eat a balanced meal every day for free or for a small fee.

These activities show us that GVFI's suppliers fulfil their social responsibility towards their employees, even without ticking the box.


Olivier Freiburghaus

Head of Sustainability & Animal Welfare
+41 61 264 50 57

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Quality Management

Quality is firmly anchored in our thinking and actions. To ensure that the products meet our requirements, we carry out a series of checks. During the incoming goods inspection, for example, we check compliance with the product specification and declaration as well as the packaging and presentation of the goods.