Seamless supply chain

Our logistics employees are proven specialists. Whether by air, ship, rail or truck – they always find the best solution for the transport of fresh and frozen meat. Our logistics specialists coordinate all deliveries from all regions of the world, making sure that the meat arrives in Switzerland at the best conditions, in top quality and at the right time. In doing so, they guarantee a seamless supply chain. In addition to the transport, our logistics specialists also handle the customs clearance of all goods. They always have an overview of the quotas that GVFI manages on a fiduciary basis.

Adrian Frey

+41 61 264 50 64

Daniel Bürgi

+41 61 264 50 72

Daniel Licciardi

+41 61 264 50 58

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GVFI has built up long-standing relationships with its suppliers around the globe. Due to regular exchanges and mutual visits, our specialists understand the whole process and can provide our customers with the best possible advice about all options.

Lamb products

Due to the diversity of breeds, we can offer loin cuts and racks in different sizes. We can also deliver the required volumes of traditional leg of lamb and extremely tender lamb fillets.

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Product quality and food safety are central to us. But we do not stop there. Sustainability must also be guaranteed - whether animal welfare, environmental protection or social aspects.