Poultry is very popular as a low-fat source of easily digestible protein, vitamins and minerals. We import a large percentage of our poultry from Brazil, where the conditions for keeping these birds are excellent. The integrated production process applied by our Brazilian suppliers also makes it possible to satisfy special requirements regarding husbandry and feeding. Cuts such as chicken breast are transported by ship from Brazil to Switzerland block-frozen or individually quick-frozen.

To supply fresh poultry, we work closely with suppliers from Italy, Poland and Hungary. They deliver tasty poultry to Switzerland every week. Our range includes natural cuts as well as a wide variety of breaded chicken products and chicken nuggets.


Poultry products

Thanks to state-of-the-art breeding and processing methods, our high-quality poultry is available throughout the year. Talk to us about your individual requirements.

Willem van Doorn

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Juan Dorso

Procurement & Sales
Southern Europe
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Daniel Schütze

  Procurement & Sales
France & Germany
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Andre Wöhlert

Procurement & Sales
Germany, Austria & Eastern Europe
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GVFI has built up long-standing relationships with its suppliers around the globe. Due to regular exchanges and mutual visits, our specialists understand the whole process and can provide our customers with the best possible advice about all options.