Animal by-products

Are you interested in animal by-products? Just ask us. We will certainly be able to find what you are looking for, even specialities such as calf's liver, beef tongue and ox cheek. We also offer a wide range of raw materials for the production of high-quality pet food.

Animal by-products

Our specialists are at your service for the import of animal end products. They will clarify all the details required for us to offer the products you need at the best conditions.

Willem van Doorn

+31 10 294 44 55

Juan Dorso

Procurement & Sales
Southern Europe
+41 61 264 50 34

Daniel Schütze

             Procurement & Sales               France & Germany
+41 61 264 50 81

Andre Wöhlert

             Procurement & Sales               Germany, Austria & Eastern Europe
+41 61 264 50 33

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The employees in our logistics department are proven specialists. Whether by plane, ship, train or truck - they find the optimal solution for the transport of chilled and frozen meat.