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Brazilian poultry farms with permanent access to fresh air

We buy our meat from poultry farms located in the Brazilian back country between São Paulo and Porto Alegre. This southern region of Brazil has a good climate for keeping chickens in coops that do not have fixed walls. As the two side walls are only clad with chicken wire, the chickens are permanently exposed to the fresh air. Temperatures are constantly monitored and must meet the requirements of the producers and supervisory bodies. When these fluctuate, ventilators and fogging systems are switched on to ensure optimal temperatures. As another measure to regulate temperatures, trees are planted along the side walls to provide the chickens with shade. And finally, the chicken houses are located in the vicinity of the abattoirs and transport times do not normally exceed two to three hours.

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Thanks to state-of-the-art breeding and processing methods, our high-quality poultry is available throughout the year. Talk to us about your individual requirements.

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Quality Management

Quality is firmly anchored in our thinking and actions. To ensure that the products meet our requirements, we carry out a series of checks. During the incoming goods inspection, for example, we check compliance with the product specification and declaration as well as the packaging and presentation of the goods.